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Flow Type UFR Underlying Flow Regime Contributor Organisation
Free Flows
1-01 Underexpanded jet Christopher Lea Health and Safety Laboratory
1-02 Blade tip and tip clearance vortex flow Star red.jpg Michael Casey Sulzer Innotec AG
1-05 Jet in a Cross Flow Peter Storey ABB Alstom Power UK
Flows around Bodies
2-01 Flow behind a blunt trailing edge Charles Hirsch Vrije Universiteit Brussel
2-02 Flow past cylinder Wolfgang Rodi Universität Karlsruhe
2-03 Flow around oscillating airfoil Star red.jpg Joanna Szmelter Cranfield University
2-04 Flow around (airfoils and) blades (subsonic) Star red.jpg NTUA
2-05 Flow around airfoils (and blades) A-airfoil (Ma=0.15, Re/m=2x10^6) University of Surrey
2-06 Flow around (airfoils and) blades (transonic) Czech Academy of Sciences
2-07 3D flow around blades ALSTOM Power (Switzerland) Ltd
Semi-confined Flows
3-01 Boundary layer interacting with wakes under adverse pressure gradient - NLR 7301 high lift configuration CFS Engineering SA
3-03 2D Boundary layers with pressure gradients (A) AEA Technology
3-04 Laminar-turbulent boundary layer transition Technical University of Czestochowa
3-05 Shock/boundary-layer interaction (on airplanes) Qinetiq
3-06 Natural and mixed convection boundary layers on vertical heated walls (A) CEA / DRN / Department de Thermohydraulique
3-07 Natural and mixed convection boundary layers on vertical heated walls (B) British Energy
3-08 3D boundary layers under various pressure gradients, including severe adverse pressure gradient causing separation CIRA
3-09 Impinging jet Université de Poitiers
3-10 The plane wall jet Star red.jpg Vattenfall Utveckling AB
3-11 Pipe expansion (with heat transfer) Magnox Electric
3-12 Stagnation point flow MAN Turbomaschinen AG Schweiz
3-13 Flow over an isolated hill (without dispersion) EDF - R&D Division
3-14 Flow over surface-mounted cube/rectangular obstacles Star red.jpg University of Southampton
3-15 2D flow over backward facing step CIMNE
3-18 2D Boundary layers with pressure gradients (B) Computational Dynamics Ltd
Confined Flows
4-02 Confined coaxial swirling jets MTU Aero Engines
4-03 Pipe flow - rotating Universita di Roma 'La Sapienza'
4-04 Flow in a curved rectangular duct - non rotating Rolls-Royce Marine Power, Engineering & Technology Division
4-05 Curved passage flow Star red.jpg NUMECA International
4-06 Swirling diffuser flow Fluent Europe Ltd
4-08 Orifice/deflector flow Star red.jpg Martin-Luther-Universitat Halle-Wittenberg
4-09 Confined buoyant plume Arup
4-10 Natural convection in simple closed cavity Mott MacDonald Ltd
4-11 Simple room flow Atkins
4-13 Compression of vortex in cavity RENAULT
4-14 Flow in pipes with sudden contraction Star red.jpg ESDU