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The KB Wiki is powered by MediaWiki. This has been extended with Semantic MediaWiki

Semantic MediaWiki allows for searching for specific semantic annotations and use these to dynamically built relevant information.

The followng example show a table build following static data:

{| border="1"
! AC !! Application Challenges !! Contributor !! Organisation
|- style="background-color:gold;"
! 2-01
| [[Bluff body burner for CH4-HE turbulent combustion]] || Elisabetta Belardini ||Universita di Firenze
|- style="background-color:silver;"
! 2-06
| [[The confined TECFLAM swirling natural gas burner]] || Stefan Hohmann || MTU Aero Engines
|- style="background-color:gold;"
! 2-07
| [[Confined double annular jet]] || Charles Hirsch || Vrije Universiteit Brussel|}

Resulting in:

AC Application Challenges Contributor Organisation
2-01 Bluff body burner for CH4-HE turbulent combustion Elisabetta Belardini Universita di Firenze
2-06 The confined TECFLAM swirling natural gas burner Stefan Hohmann MTU Aero Engines
2-07 Confined double annular jet Charles Hirsch Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Identical information can be contructed using the followingsemantic query

| mainlabel=Application Challenge
| ?hasQualityAccessLevel#hasQualityAccessLevel = Quality
| ?hasContributorPerson#hasContributorPerson = Contributor
| ?hasContributorOrg#hasContributorOrg = Organisation}}

Resulting in: {{#ask: | mainlabel=Application Challenge | ?hasQualityAccessLevel#hasQualityAccessLevel = Quality | ?hasContributorPerson#hasContributorPerson = Contributor | ?hasContributorOrg#hasContributorOrg = Organisation }}

This does require that the page source of the Combustion Application Challenges contain semantic annotations e.g. in Confined double annular jet:

{{#set:hasContributorOrg=Vrije Universiteit Brussel}}
{{#set:hasContributorPerson=Charles Hirsch}}
{{#set:hasContributorPerson=Francois G. Schmitt}}
{{#set:hasReviewerOrg=Technical University of Czestochowa}}