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The contents of each AC and UFR test case article are presented in the top navigational strip (see picture below). Simply click on each tab heading to view and move between the various documents. Note that the heading turns "yellow" once selected, illustrated in this example by the "Evaluation" tab heading.

New Picture (11).JPG

You will also find the exact same navigational strip at the bottom of each AC and UFR test case article to prevent having to keep scrolling up the page to go to the next document in the particular AC or UFR.

All sections of the Knowledge Base can be accessed by clicking the relevant section on the side bar on the left of the page. (see picture below).

New Sidebar.JPG

Users are free to view any of the Knowledge Base content at their own leisure. In order to exchange views and opinions, a Qnet-CFD Wiki Forum is available.

Users will not be able to directly edit or change a test-case document, but they are highly encouraged to provide new content, either by suggesting modifications/extensions to existing content or indeed by adding new contributions. In order to do this the user must gain access to the Library by emailing the Knowledge Base Editor with a request (Knowledge Base Editor).

The Help folder contains useful information when using the Knowledge Base. There is an extensive Glossary describing all acronyms based in the Knowledge Base and Links section containing relevant and insightful CFD websites. For further assistance please make use of our FAQ and Contact Us page where we will be more than happy to answer any questions or queries you may have and help with any problems.