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DOAPs: Design or Assessment Parameters

These are used to judge the competency of CFD calculations. These are fully defined in each Application Challenge (e.g. the lift, drag and pitching moment of a wing; the pressure recovery in a diffuser; the species concentration at a given location downstream from a building, etc)

AC: Application Challenge

Examples of cutting-edge CFD applications in various industrial sectors. They are sufficiently complex to be realistic, and are cases for which both test data and example computations are available and can be compared.

UFR: Underlying Flow Regime

One of the elemental flows that form the building blocks of the full industrial Application Challenges

BPA: Best Practice Advice

GNDPs: Governing Non-Dimensional Parameters

e.g Reynolds, Mach, Grashof numbers

PDPs: Problem Definition Parameters

e.g Wind direction, angle of attack, aspect ratio, source rate etc.

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