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JPrause 20:02, 3 November 2009 (UTC) Summary Table

A summary table would be very helpful to get an overview of the different test cases.

Furthermore, it is not mentioned for which parameters the first two test cases have been carried out. The parameters can be found in the documentation on the Tecflame website (see link in article).

Suggestion for the summary table:

Table EXP-A Summary Description of All Test Cases
Re Air Re Gas Swirl Intensity S Equivalence Ratio j Detailed Data
Test Case for Velocity measurements 42900 7900 0.9 0.83 velocity (mean and fluctuations)
Test Case EXP-1 42900 7900 0.9 0.83 temperature
concentrations of main species
Test Case EXP-2 42900 7900 0.9 0.83 temperature
concentrations of NO and OH
CH2O distributions