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(Please note that this is a test site and is intended for comments on design, structure etc. It is based on content from the original QNET site and much of it needs to be completed. Feedback and comments, whether in general or on individual pages, should be given either here or by annotating the relevant page.)

This is a test

Welcome to the world's foremost repository of structured knowledge and advice designed to underpin quality and trust in the industrial application of CFD.

The Knowledge Base is application centred, facilitating the identification of appropriate knowledge and advice for specific industrial purposes.

The Knowledge Base is organised around:

  • Application Areas such as built environment, external aerodynamics, turbomachinery, combustion and heat transfer;
  • Application Challenges, realistic industrial test cases which can be used to judge the competency and limitations of CFD for a given Application Area;
  • Underlying Flow Regimes which are generic, well studied test cases capturing important elements of the key flow physics encountered in one or more Application Challenges.


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