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Accessing the ECARP NLR Test Case

The following is the README instructions taken from the ECARP project CD-ROM.

The ECARP considered a number of different test cases. However, we have included only the data files for the NLR test case in the zip archive.


Welcome to the ECARP, combined 'Validation' and 'Unsteady Viscous-Inviscid Interaction', CD-ROM.

In order to easily read the data you are requesting, we would refer you to Chapter VI of the book. However, to allow you to have the relevant information from this chapter directly at your side, we have copied Chapter VI as a PostScript file, named "", to the directory you are looking into right now.

To easily extract data from the CD-ROM, we have written a shell script for you, named "extract_data", that you will also find in the main directory. If you type in >extract_data< without any parameters, a brief description of the input parameters needed for "extract_data" is provided. The shell script is very simple and is making use of standard UNIX commands.

You will find, according to the different applications we have treated in ECARP, all data in directories with file names that are (as we find) self-explanatory. Where appropriate, we have also put mandatory meshes (with descriptions how to read them) and the corresponding measurements into these directories.

Please note that the CD-ROM contains an additional file, named "unix2dos.cnv", where the long UNIX names have been converted to the shorter DOS names. Hence, if you find, when using DOS, the file names a bit cumbersome, please look into the "unix2dos.cnv" file and compare those file names with the more precise UNIX name.

Last but not least, we hope that you will find the data burned to this CD-ROM useful, and we are wishing you much success in validating your own code(s) on the basis of the book itself and particularly this CD-ROM.

Good luck for your work from all ECARP partners contributing to this data base.