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Application Area AC Application Challenges Contributor Organisation
External Aerodynamics
1-01 Aero-acoustic cavity Fred Mendonca Computational Dynamics Ltd
1-02 RAE M2155 Wing Pietro Catalano, Anthony Hutton CIRA, Qinetiq
1-05 Ahmed body Jean-Paul Bonnet, Remi Manceau Université de Poitiers
1-08 L1T2 3 element airfoil Star red.jpg Jan Vos, Anthony Hutton CFS Engineering SA, Qinetiq
2-01 Bluff body burner for CH4-HE turbulent combustion Elisabetta Belardini Universita di Firenze
2-06 The confined TECFLAM swirling natural gas burner MTU Aero Engines
2-07 Confined double annular jet Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Chemical & Process, Thermal Hydraulics & Nuclear Safety
3-01 Buoyancy-opposed wall jet Magnox Electric
3-02 Induced flow in a T-junction EDF - R&D Division
3-03 Cyclone separator Fluent Europe Ltd
3-08 Spray evaporation in turbulent flow Star red.jpg Martin-Luther-Universitat Halle-Wittenberg
3-10 Combining/dividing flow in Y junction Rolls-Royce Marine Power, Engineering & Technology Division
3-11 Downward flow in a heated annulus British Energy
Civil Construction & HVAC
4-01 Wind environment around an airport terminal buildingStar red.jpg Atkins
4-02 Flow and Sediment Transport in a Laboratory Model of a stretch of the Elbe River Universität Karlsruhe
4-03 Air flows in an open plan air conditioned office Star red.jpg Arup
4-04 Tunnel fire Mott MacDonald Ltd
Environmental Flows
5-05 Boundary layer flow and dispersion over isolated hills and valleys Star red.jpg University of Southampton
Turbo-machinary Internal Flows
6-02 Low-speed centrifugal compressor NUMECA International
6-04 Pump turbine AEA Technology
6-05 Annular compressor cascade with tip clearance NTUA
6-06 Gas Turbine nozzle cascade Universita di Firenze
6-07 Draft tube Vattenfall Utveckling AB
6-08 High speed centrifugal compressor MAN Turbomaschinen AG Schweiz , Sulzer Innotec AG
6-10 Axial compressor cascade Computational Dynamics Ltd
6-12 Steam turbine rotor cascade Czech Academy of Sciences