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Compression of vortex in cavity

Underlying Flow Regime 4-13               © copyright ERCOFTAC 2004


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S. Maurel was granted by the research group Ecoulement Et Combustion of IMFT during the acquisition of this data set and the development of associated PIV algorithms. The compression machine was initially developed under A.R.C. "Moteur Propres et Econome" (1994 - 1998) supported by CNRS Ecotech, Renault et PSA. The latest technical developments were performed under C.E.E. JOULE contract JOF3-CT97-0035 "Large Eddy Simulations for stratified charge Engines". The technical support of G. Couteau, E. Cid and S. Cazin is greatly acknowledged.

We are particularly grateful to Mr G. Charney and J. Borée to allow the access and the use of this database.

© copyright ERCOFTAC 2004

Contributors: Afif Ahmed - RENAULT

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