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This is the discussion main page.

Main Discussion Points

  1. Site structure
  2. Site content
  3. Security- who can change what content- what is fixed and cannot be altered...
  4. Linux or Windows: which host should we use?

This is a test comment.


Advantages of Linux:

  • MediaWiki relies on tools and apps that are more easily accessible within a Linux environment
  • Group expertise: the group may be more experienced with Linux rather than Windows administration

Disadvantages of Linux:

  • The business is now mainly based on Windows servers rather than on Linux servers. Deploying MediaWiki in a windows environment would be proof that it can co-exist with current enterprise applications within Windows hosts. Support costs may be lower- no new skills required other than MediaWiki administration. Using Windows would promote MediWiki to the business as a whole and not just engineers who favour Linux.



  • Improves the case for MediaWiki as an enterprise application in our Windows-based IT infrastructure


  • I suspect that MediaWiki has been developed within Linux environments. Extensions for eg, Latex are almost certainly biased in favour of Linux hosts rather than Windows hosts.