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Library Overview

The Library area is where new submissions or modifications to existing Silver content is implemented. Access to this part of the Wiki is restricted to authorised registered Wiki users within the Submitters group.

Information for Contributors

The procedure for adding new content is as follows:

Users will not be able to directly edit or change a Silver document, but they are highly encouraged to provide new content, either by suggesting modifications/extensions to existing content or indeed by adding new contributions. To do this the user must email the ERCOFTAC Editorial Board with a request (ERCOFTAC Editorial Board). The email must set out;

  • The title of the test case considered
  • The list of authors
  • Is the test case considered in the AC or UFR category?
  • Is it a new AC or UFR or a modification of an existing one?
  • Abstract describing briefly the contents of the new AC or UFR or which parts of an existing one are modified or extended

The ERCOFTAC Editorial Board will respond with an email that either approves or declines the request. If successful, the response will give a username and password enabling access to the Library Area together with instructions on where to find the article template assigned to you. Enter the Library Area, access the article template and begin to make your contribution. When this is completed, inform the Editorial Board by sending a short email giving your name and article or test case title. The editor will review the article and if and when it meets his requirements it will be lifted into the Silver Domain either as a new document or replacing the existing one.

Information for Reviewers

  • The reviewer must complete and submit the template document in PDF format to the ERCOFTAC Editorial team