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=== Application Challenges Templates ===
=== Application Challenges Templates ===
* [[Template:ACHeader|Application Challenges List of page links]]
* [[Template:ACHeader|Application Challenges List of page links]]
* [[Template:ACContribs|Application Challenges Contributors footer]]
* [[Template:ACAbstract|Application Challenges Abstract]]
* [[Template:ACAbstract|Application Challenges Abstract]]
* [[Template:ACDescription|Application Challenges Description]]
* [[Template:ACDescription|Application Challenges Description]]

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Library Overview

The Library area is that part of the Wiki where new submissions or modifications to existing Silver content is done. Access to this part of the Wiki is restricted to registered Wiki users within the Submitters group.

This page provides information on how new content can be contributed. It also contains links to the templates for editors to use for setting up new articles.

Information for Contributors

The procedure for adding new content is as follows:

  • Email the ERCOFTAC Editorial Board with a request for new content or modification of existing content. This should contain:
    • The name of the article
    • The list of authors
    • The AC or UFR type of the article
    • Whether it is a new type of AC or UFR
    • An abstract of the article
    • The associated projects, eg, EU funded, nationally funded etc
    • A brief description of why this would be useful to the ERCOFTAC community
  • ERCOFTAC will reply with an email that either approves or declines the request. If successful, the reply will contain:
    • A link to the terms and conditions that authors must agree to when contributing new content.
  • The authors must confirm their acceptance of the Terms and Conditions by email to the ERCOFTAC team.
  • The ERCOFTAC team will then grant access to the pages.
    • A link to the location in the Wiki where the new article is stored is provided in the email

Information for Editors

A MediaWiki Template provides the means for standard ERCOFTAC Wiki pages to be correctly formatted. It enables the seperate sections to be defined for the authors to populate.

Templates can either be Transcluded or substituted. The current version of these Templates requires them to be substituted.

Here are the links to the various MediaWiki templates that can be used for setting up new articles. Each template has notes on how it should be used.

Application Challenges Templates

Underlying Flow Regime Templates

Information for Reviewers

  • The review must submit the template document in PDF format to the ERCOFTAC Editorial team