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|- style="background-color:silver;"
|- style="background-color:silver;"
| [[Flow Around Finite-Height Circular Cylinder ]][[Image:Star_red.jpg]]||Guillermo Palau-Salvador, Wolfgang Rodi ||Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
| [[Flow Around Finite-Height Circular Cylinder ]][[Image:Star_red.jpg]]||Guillermo Palau-Salvador, Wolfgang Rodi ||Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

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UFR Underlying Flow Regime Contributor Organisation
2-01 Flow behind a blunt trailing edge Charles Hirsch Vrije Universiteit Brussel
2-02 Flow past cylinder Wolfgang Rodi Universität Karlsruhe
2-03 Flow around oscillating airfoil Star red.jpg Joanna Szmelter Cranfield University
2-04 Flow around (airfoils and) blades (subsonic) Star red.jpg K.Papailiou NTUA
2-05 Flow around airfoils (and blades) A-airfoil (Ma=0.15, Re/m=2x10^6) Peter Voke University of Surrey
2-06 Flow around (airfoils and) blades (transonic) Jaromir Prihoda Czech Academy of Sciences
2-07 3D flow around blades Dirk Wilhelm ALSTOM Power (Switzerland) Ltd
2-10 Flow Around Finite-Height Circular Cylinder Star red.jpg Guillermo Palau-Salvador, Wolfgang Rodi Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology