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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the QNET Wiki?

The QNET Wiki is intended to share the best practice in CFD modelling for industrial applications. ERCOFTAC members are permitted to access authoritative advice for using state of the art turbulence models for their engineering or physics problems.

What does the Wiki contain?

The QNET Wiki contains articles on Application Areas and Underlying Flow Regimes. The first case presents the user with a number of categories of applications of interest to an engineer who is analysing a current product or design. Underlying flow regimes present different categories of flow types and flow physics that engineers can use to understand their individual flow analysis problems.

Content is of three types:

  • Gold content- high quality articles that have passed quality reviews by the ERCOFTAC editorial board. Access is only permitted to ERCOFTAC subscribers
  • Silver Plus content- articles that have been quality reviewed to Gold standard but which are offered as 'free samples' to the public.
  • Silver content- good quality, but not to the same standard as Gold or Silver Plus articles. Freely accessible to the public.

What does each article contain?

Each article contains the following group of pages:

  • A brief abstract of what the test case article contains
  • A detailed description of the problem addressed
  • A description of the test data used
  • The results of the CFD calculations for this case
  • Best Practice advice for this type of case
  • A quality evaluation report

Who can access the QNET Wiki?

ERCOFTAC Members are permitted to see all of the articles including Gold and Silver standard content. They are allowed to leave comments on each article in the 'discussion' tab for each page.

The public are permitted to see the abstracts for Gold articles and all of the pages for the Silver articles. They can also leave comments on the pages in the discussion tab.

What software is used for this wiki?

This web site uses the MediaWiki wiki framework [1]. Wikipedia fans will notice the similar appearance to Wikipedia: this is because MediaWiki powers both (look for the little image in the bottom right hand side of each page...).

What content can I add?

Authors of new content can upload text, images and are provided facilities for editing equations. You can also insert links to other web sites and file repositories.

To insert equations you will need to use LaTex. Look for more information at the MediaWiki web site if you plan to use equations.

At present data files can only be uploaded by special arrangement with the site administrators. This is still being worked on and we hope to have an improved mechanism for uploading these files soon.


At present the user should use the "Application Areas" and "Underlying Flow Regimes" links in the Navigation tree in the left hand side area of the page to get to the required category of article. This takes you to a table of links to the individual articles. Each article page has links at the top and bottom of each page that can be used to reach the other pages within each article.

We plan to improve the navigation features over time.

How do I contribute a new article or modify an existing article?

What are these Semantic Web extensions I hear about?

To be done...