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How to Contribute an Application Challenge

The ERCOFTAC Knowledge Base Committee is developing the content of this site with a view to licensing online access from mid-2005. New Application Challenges and Underlying Flow regimes are welcomed. Prospective contributors should in the first instance contact the Chairman of the ERCOFTAC Knowledge Base Committee to determine the requirement for ACs or UFRs in a particular area.

When preparing a new AC, contributors should refer to the guidelines for the format of the documents. Datafiles should be prepared according to the guidance document, and hyperlinks pointing to these datafiles must be included in the documents.

All documents to be inserted into the Knowledge Base are subjected to a defined Quality Review procedure. Once the Quality Review for a given Application Challenge has been completed, the contributor should send the final version of the

  • D30 (Application Challenge documentation)
  • EXP datafiles
  • CFD datafiles
  • D29 (Application Challenge Quality Review)

associated with their Application Challenge to the Knowledge Base Implementation Team.

It is acceptable to submit Application Challenges to the Knowledge Base for which Experimental or CFD datafiles are not currently available. However, these should be submitted as soon as they become available.

Once an Application Challenge has been implemented on the Knowledge Base the author will be sent confirmation by email and will be asked to check the information on the Knowledge Base and make ay necessary corrections.

The procedure for a new UFR is similar.

How to Make Corrections to Knowledge Base Files

Once your Application Challenge is implemented on the Knowledge Base, it becomes a collection of interlinked html files (see the Site Guide for details of Application Challenge structure).

For small changes to text, it is best to edit the html source file directly and return the edited version to the Knowledge Base Implementation Team. For large-scale alterations affecting the overall structure of the Application Challenge documents, you are asked to submit a revised version of the Word document you originally submitted to the Knowledge Base (D30 or D29).

If you have any questions please contact the Knowledge Base Implementation Team.